Received this interesting post today via Twitter. Michael Zang from experimented on Google’s image search by typing in the names of top photographers to see what images came up as their top results.

The idea was to see if the Google search revealed the photographer’s most famous pieces. The list features greats such as Ansel Adams, Robert Capa and Dorothea Lange.

Read Michael’s post here.

Certainly the image of Robert Capa’s I know and would feel was representative of his work, similarly with Dorothea Lange. For Ansel Adams I would probably pick a different image, not entirely sure which one, but he certainly has better images than this. Perhaps something of the Yosemite Valley or the Sierras.


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Jo is a freelance photojournalist from Brisbane, Australia. Her love of her profession and interest in people groups and developing countries, led her to create the website The site is a showcase for her work, the living conditions of people from around the world and other related issues.

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